A2 Arts Performing Arts Academy

A2 Arts are a Hove based performing arts school offering dance and musical theatre at all levels.

Thursday 2nd Sept
4.30-6.30pm 11 & under modern (Junior)
6.30-8.30pm 14 & under classical (Inter)

Friday 3rd Sept
4.30- 6.30pm 11 & under modern
6:30-8.30pm 14 & under classical

Sunday 19th Sept
9.30-11.30 am Inter classical group

Sunday 3rd Oct
9-11 am Inter classical group
12.30-2.30pm Junior modern group

Sunday 10th Oct
3:30-5.30pm Junior modern group
5.30-7.30pm Inter classical group

Sunday 31st Oct
9.00- 1.30pm Junior classical group

Sunday 14th Nov
9.30-10.30 Junior modern group
10.30-12.00 Junior classical group
12.00-1.30 Inter classical group
2.00-4.30pm Inter lyrical group

Sunday 21st Nov
9.30-10.30 Junior modern group
10.30-12.00 Junior classical group
12.00-1.30 Inter classical group
2.00 -5.00 Inter lyrical group

Tuesday 23rd Nov
5.20 - 6.30 Inter lyrical group

Sunday 28th Nov
5.00-8.00pm Senior Modern group (TINA respace)

Sunday 5th Dec
9.00-10.15am - Senior Modern/Stage
10.15-11.30am - Inter Classical

Sunday 12th Dec
9.00-10.15am - Junior Modern/Stage
10.15-11.30am - Junior Classical

Weds Jan 5th - Juniors
4.30 Classical
5.15-6.00 Modern/Stage

Thurs Jan 6th - Inters/Seniors
4.30 Lyrical
5.30 Classical
6.15-7.30 Tina

Sunday Jan 9th
9.30 Junior Modern/Stage-A.

Sunday 16th Jan
4pm Lyrical-D.G.
5pm Inter Classical-C.I.N.T.B
6pm Tina

Sunday 23rd Jan
9.30 Junior Modern/Stage-A.
10.30 Junior Classical-DU.
11.30 -

6th FEB (dress rehearsal)
9-10am Aladdin
10-10.45am Dumbo
10.45 - 11.30am Dream gap
11.30- 12.30pm Cover is not the book

11th FEB
5.35 -6.20pm Dream gap
6.20-7.20pm Cover is not the book

13th FEB
4.30- 5.30pm Dumbo
5.30- 6.30pm Aladdin

16th FEB
6.00- 7.00pm Dream Gap

19th FEB
5.00 - 6.00 Aladdin & Dumbo

Tuesday 1st March
7.30-8.10pm - TINA

Thursday 3rd March
5.45 Aladdin & Dumbo
6.15 Cover & Dream Gap

Tuesday 8th March
7.30-8.10pm - TINA

Thursday 10th March
5.45 Aladdin & Dumbo
6.15 Cover
7.50 Tina

Saturday 26th March
12pm-6pm DWC Song & Dance Group

Sunday 10th April (Blatchington Mill main sports hall)
9.00am-1.00pm DWC senior Jazz group
1.00-2.00pm Cover and Tina
2.00-2.45pm Aladdin
2.45pm - 3.30pm Dumbo

Monday 11th April- A2 studios
11am - 5pm DWC Small Tap Group
5.00-7.00pm DWC song and dance group
7.00-7.30pm Dream Gap

Friday 22nd April
9.00-12.00-DWC small tap group

Saturday 23rd April-A2 studios
10.00-11.30 All Sussex groups
Dream Gap

11.30-12.00 Cover
12.00 -12.30 Lunch
12.30-4.30 DWC Senior Jazz Group

Saturday 30th April
2.30-6.30 DWC Song and dance group

Weds 11th May
6.30-7 Dream Gap
7-7.30 Cover
7.30-9 DWC Jazz group

Sunday 22nd May
12.15-1pm Dumbo
- 4-5pm Italian Trio
5-6pm Dream Gap
6-7pm Cover is not the book

Weds 25th May
Extend DWC jazz group to 8.30pm (6.30-8.30)

Thurs 26th May
4.45-6.00 Junior Masters
6-6.15 Dumbo
6.15-6.30 Dream Gap
6.30-8.00 Inter Masters
8.00-8.30 Cover

Mon 30th May
9-11am DWC Tap group

Weds 1st June
9.00-12.00 DWC S&D group
12.00-12.30 Cover is not the book
1.00-4.00 DWC Jazz group

Sun 12th June
9.00-10.00 DWC Tap Group
10.00-1.00 DWC Jazz Group
2.00-2.30 Dream Gap
2.30-5.30 DWC S&D Group

Sun 19th June
9.00-11.00 DWC Tap Group




A2 Arts Performing Arts Academy, Quayside House, 1, First Floor, Basin Road South, Hove, BN41 1WF
Tel: 01273 707720

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