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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Scheduled Classes: Please refer to the timetable on the noticeboard or online. Fees will be invoiced in advance of the term.

Terms of Payment:

  • Fees are to be paid by the due date as shown on the invoice
  • Missed classes due to holiday or sickness must be paid for
  • Fees that remain unpaid by the due date, will incur a £10.00+vat late payment charge
  • New pupils may come along to a free trial lesson after which they will be invoiced for the rest of the term if they return for a second lesson.
  • £10.00+vat registration fee will be charged to all new students enrolling at A2 Arts.

Payments Can Be:

  • Paid in full via the EziPayment link in your invoice
  • Or direct debit via Go Cardless

Direct Debit Terms:

  • A one-off payment of one month’s deposit will be required to enrol in the direct debit scheme. This will be set up as a separate invoice & held as a deposit, used to pay any notice period given.
  • A terms invoice will be structured across four payment, plus the initial one-off deposit payment.
  • This will mean the initial payment will equate to a two-month charge.
  • Any outstanding invoices will be structured across the initial four termly instalments
  • Notice must be received by the 1st of the month prior to leaving, or the following month charge will apply
  • Upon receipt of notice a cancellation will be calculated to ensure all pro rata payments have been covered. You will then be charged for any outstanding classes.

Terms of Notice:

  • If you wish to withdraw from any one discipline half term’s notice or half term’s fees paid in lieu is required.
  • Notice must be in writing (email is acceptable) by the end of the first week of term/half term respectively, to which notice applies.
  •  Notice will be confirmed by A2 Arts in writing (email)


Invoices will be issued separately for exam entries.

  • Examination candidates are chosen by the teacher.
  • Examinations are invoiced separately and involve additional fees for entry, extra exam coaching lessons, pianist accompaniment or CD operator.

If examination fees have not been received by the invoice due date, then your child will not be entered for the exam. Payment terms will be noted on these invoices, but please be aware that entry fees will have already been paid by A2 Arts to confirm entry in these instances and prompt payment is appreciated.

A2Arts incurs costs in entering pupils into Examinations and for attendance at Festivals or other events. These costs are payable in addition to the tuition fees and are the responsibility of the pupil/ parent and may be paid by A2Arts on their behalf. In agreeing to participate in these activities, the pupil/ parent acknowledges that any such fees are paid by A2Arts on their behalf and that the full cost will be reimbursed by them to A2Arts. This will be the case even where the pupil does not participate, subject to A2Arts’ discretion.

In addition, in order to participate at events, it may be necessary for pupils to purchase costumes. A2Arts agrees to act as a central buyer for pupils in purchasing costumes on their behalf. A2Arts undertakes this at no cost and on behalf of the pupil/ parent and any costs incurred by A2Arts are passed on to the pupil at cost, including any VAT, postage/invoicing costs and, if applicable, the benefit of any discounts obtained. Pupils/ Parents acknowledge that it is their responsibility to purchase and pay for these items purchased by A2 Arts on their behalf.

Private Lessons:

Must be paid for at the time of the lesson, directly to the teacher together with cash for the appropriate amount for the studio hire. Please place in a clearly marked envelope with the students’ name, class and date.


Teaching and correcting a dance position may involve a member of staff placing a hand on a pupil, which will always be undertaken with care and respect. If you have any objection to your child being assisted in this manner, please inform the school in writing.


Photographs/videos taken of the pupils either in class or at a festival or show venue may on occasion be used on our website/FB/Twitter/Instagram or for publicity purposes. If you have any objection to your child being included in such publicity, please inform the school in writing.

Parents Responsibility:

Please be aware, that no formal supervision is available for children outside the studio. Parents are responsible for their children until they enter the dance class. Parents are responsible for children outside the building, at the roadside & in the carpark. If parents choose to leave their child in the changing rooms, they must be aware that this area does not have a teacher present, as the teacher will be in the dance studio. It is at your own risk if your child is left at the studio alone, rather than having their parent in the building.

All pupils are required to wait within the building for their lifts to arrive and not wait outside unsupervised. It is a parents responsibility to ensure their child is aware of this. Children should not be allowed to play/wait in the corridors, stairs or communal areas of the building. Should children be left alone on the site and are found to be misbehaving to the extent that parents need to be contacted, these children will not in future be allowed on the premises unsupervised. Parental co-operation is required so that between us we ensure the safety of your children. It is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian to notify A2 Arts of any illness or injury that may affect the child’s participation at class, exams or festivals.


PLEASE DO NOT park outside the studios or block access to the Virgin Media building or any of the other business entrances, these are used at all times. There is a designated pay & display car park available at the end of the road that can be used, where you MUST display your A2 permit. If full, there is ample parking by The Lagoon or on the main road above, please be considerate of our neighbours.

Cancelled Classes:

Cancelled classes due to ‘teacher illness’ will be made up at an alternative time, which maybe at the end of term or during half term. If this is not possible a full refund will be given. Cancelled classes due to ‘Acts of nature’ would be offered as a gesture of goodwill, as I am sure you appreciate this situation is beyond our control and for the safety of the students. I know most other schools do not offer this and this may not always be the case for A2 if it is not possible to reschedule. In this instance, no refunds will be given.

Cancelled classes due to Covid-19 or other such illness will not be offered as a refund. In the event of the school needing to close or isolate, classes will be offered via Zoom; no refunds will be given if you choose not to attend the Zoom classes.

Contact Details:

It is imperative, to ensure we have emergency contact details for all pupils, parents are to keep the school up to date with changes to address/email and telephone numbers via our Parent Portal.


A2 Arts will treat all matters relating to pupils with utmost confidentiality. Please see A2 Arts Privacy Policy.

Concerns and/or Complaints:

Should you have any concern relating to a member of staff, or any other matter, please contact the Principal directly